Saturday, 4 August 2012

Je fais le tour de ma maison

This week our toddler session was back and with it being the school holidays we were joined by the school age siblings of our littlies.  After a very energetic sing song and dance, we learnt a new action rhyme before heading over to the craft tables to create some paper plate funny faces!

The rhyme is called "Je fais le tour de ma maison" and there are several versions of it.  The one I chose to use goes like this:

Je fais le tour de ma maison   (circle face with a finger)
Je ferme mes fenêtres (close eyes with a finger)
Je ferme ma porte (close mouth with a finger)
Je tourne la clé (mime turning a key infront of mouth)
Ça y'est. Bonne nuit. (mime sleeping)

Trnaslated into English it goes like this:
I walk around my house
I close my windows
I close my door
I turn the key
That's it. Good night.

Little Imp loves doing the rhyme "round and round the garden" in both English and French, and I was looking for something similar when I came across this little rhyme.  The French is fairly simple and if you like you can do an English version with your little one as well, it works just as well as the original.

Here are some of the wonderful funny faces that our toddlers and the big girls and boys produced:


  1. Another great craft for a classic French song :-)

  2. Thank you! We all enjoyed making them I must admit!! :0)

  3. I just heard about your blog and love it! Fantastic ideas. I too run a local french baby and toddler group, ours is also mostly song based with a little bit of crafty activity although I have not taken it to the level you have as some of the kids are really quite young. I'd love to know more about your class and perhaps swap some ideas. I might try this one out with them though, I know the rhyme but we've not done it before, the plate faces are brilliant.

    1. Hello and thank you! Most of ours are very young too really, they do get quite a bit of mummy help with the craft but they all really enjoy getting gluey and glittery!! Swapping ideas sounds like a great plan to me!! Emma :o)