Friday, 23 November 2012

Il pleut, il mouille...

Il pleut, il mouille...  it really seems like that is all the weather is doing this week!  So following the recent autumn wet weather theme, this song was the perfect addition for our toddler group this week.

The actual song has several verses and is a little bit too complicated for out toddlers to sing.  I came across a lovely shortened version on the ELC "Fun with French" CD though which seemed perfect.

The lyrics are as follows:

Il pleut, il mouille,
C'est la fête à la grenouille,
Quand il ne pleuvra plus,
C'est la fête à la tortue!

Clearly a song about a frog needed a craft about a frog and I remembered seeing a pebble frog craft somewhere on the net.  A bit of googling and I found it again here:

To reproduce this craft at home you will need:

a pebble - a farily smooth frog body shaped one if you can find one!
some green craft foam
green paint
googly or sticker eyes
strong pva glue or (even better) glue dots

I found a great template for making the frogs legs here: 

And there is even a template for a crown here so if you have some yellow foam or card as well you can make your frog pebble into a frog prince!

The method is very simple - but pretty messy! - just cover your pebble in green paint and leave to dry.  Whilst it is drying cut your legs out of foam and then stick on your eyes and legs using the glue or glue dots.

In all the painty, messy fun this morning I forgot to take any pictures of the children's wonderful creations :o(  So all I have is one of Little Imp's Frog.  Anyone who was at toddlers this morning and wants to email me a picture of theirs I will add them.

So here is our creation:
Happy singing, pebble hunting and painting! 
 Emma and Little Imp :o)

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