Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Au revoir - at least it's not goodbye!

It was a somewhat emotional toddler French last Friday as we said "Au revoir" to 7 of our big boys and girls who have started school this week!! :0( But as the title says at least it is not goodbye :0). I am sure they will come back to visit us in the school holidays and on INSET days.

In honour of the occasion, I altered our usual format. There were no song sheets this week, instead our leavers all chose their favourite song to sing.  We had a lovely mix of firm favourites that we sing most weeks and some that we haven't sung for ages, which was lovely. We also sang 2 rousing renditions of "joyeuse anniversaire" as we had two little birthday people to celebrate with.

As it was a bit of a leavers' party, our craft this week was decorating cupcake which the children all enjoyed - although perhaps not as much as eating them!

Our leavers then all received a little gift along with their sticker at the end of the session.

Here are their yummy, scrummy cupcakes:

This Friday will see the start of a new format for Toddler French.  We are going to become topic based rather than having a jumble of songs each week.  Our first topic will be "le corps" mainly because we haven't sung most of those songs for a while, and will be focusing on this topic for 6 weeks until half term.  We will sing the same songs each week and the craft will be related to the topic as a whole and not necessarily any one song in particular.

Keep your fingers crossed it goes well on Friday and I will let you know in the next blog post how successful it is :0)

Happy singing and crafting! :0)

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