Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Le corps week 3 - egg carton faces

For our third week with the topic "le corps", I decided on another craft which I had come across on Pinterest recently and really liked - egg carton faces.

Egg cartons are great for little hands as they rip really easily and so allow those who are too little for scissors the opportunity to get more involved in the craft.

Our toddlers had lots of fun ripping up their egg cartons and arranging them as faces - and of course adorning them with plenty of glitter glue! :0)

Here are their fantastic faces:

The craft can of course then be used at home to reinforce the parts of the face vocabulary in French:

la tête - the head
le visage - the face
les yeux - the eyes
les oreilles - the ears
le nez - the nose
la bouche - the mouth
les dents - the teeth
les cheveux - the hair

Happy singing and crafting! :0)

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