Monday, 24 March 2014

À la ferme week 5 - farm animal masks

For our 5th week on our farm theme, our craft was farm animal masks.  I found some templates online and printed them out on card.  The children then got busy decorating them with a variety of materials from the craft boxes - felt, foam, tissue paper, wool, cotton wool, feathers, glitter glue, etc.

Once the creations were complete the mummies got busy cutting them out and cutting out the eye holes.  We then stuck coloured lollipop sticks onto the back so that the children could hold their masks in front of their faces.  You could of course punch holes in the sides and thread elastic through but given the ages of our little ones I felt they might prefer the lolly sticks.

Here are our amazing animal masks:

Un canard (a duck)

Un mouton (a sheep)

Une vache (a cow)

Un canard (a duck)

Une chèvre (a goat)

Un cochon (a pig)

Once all our masks were complete we sang "dans la ferme de Macdonald" (Old Macdonald had a farm) with each child taking a turn to be their animal.  We had to add an extra verse in as "une chèvre" isn't in our usual lyrics but the children were not phased by the introduction of a new animal and sang just as loudly :0)

Next week we will be singing a special song for la fête des mamans (mothers' day) and making a special craft for mummy as it will be mothers' day here on the UK on Sunday.

Happy singing and crafting! :0)

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