Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sous la mer week 3 - paper plate turtles

For our third week "sous la mer" I chose another paper plate craft.  I have to admit that I love paper plates, there are so many things you can turn them into and they are so inexpensive.  Over the last two and a bit years we have created fish, turtles, pea pods, sun mobiles, rocking birds, Easter bunny masks, snails, spiders webs and funny faces to name just a few :0) anyway, this week I decided that we would stick with the paper plates and make some turtles since these feature in one of our songs for the topic.

To make your own turtle, you will need:
A paper plate,
Craft foam,
A variety of collage materials - for example, tissue paper, felt, cupcake cases, ribbon, doilies, foam, shiny paper, etc.
Googly eyes 

First of all cut out a head, legs vas tusk from the craft foam.
Turn the paper plate upside down so that the shell will be raised up a bit.
Glue the foam parts to the underside of the plate shell.
Cut up small pieces of your chosen collage materials and let your toddler design the shell by gluing them on.
Add googly eyes to the head and voilà one turtle or tortue complete :0)

Here are our fabulous turtles for you:

Happy singing and crafting! :0)

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