Thursday, 26 June 2014

Le transport week 3 - bus snack craft

For the third week of our transportation theme, I decided on an edible craft.  These always prove popular with the toddlers who love the opportunity not only to get messy but also have a yummy treat to eat as well :0)

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it seemed simple enough for our little ones to have a go at independently.

To make your own bus snack you will need:

A crackerbread (or similar rectangular shaped biscuit/cracker)
Cream cheese
Food colouring (any colour you like)
Mini party ring biscuits (or similar, the example I saw on Pinterest used mini Oreos)
Shreddies (or similar for the windows)

First colour the cream cheese then let your toddler spread this over the cracker bread.
Let them add the shreddie windows and mini party ring wheels
And there you have it, a simple but tasty snack :0)

Here are our fabulous buses:

Happy singing and crafting! :0)


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