Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Le corps - week 4 - c'est moi!

So my New Year's resolution of updating my blog weekly kind of fizzled out after the end of January, I'm blaming poorly children but it could just be because I am hopeless!!  Ah well, better late than never I guess, so here is the first of a few quick catch up posts.

For the fourth week of our theme "le corps", our craft was to make a life size picture of ourselves.

I bought some rolls of wallpaper lining paper from a local diy store and cut off lengths of just over a metre - you just need to make sure you go a bit longer than your toddler's height.

First lay the lining paper on the floor and get your toddler to lie on top of the paper. With a pencil, draw around your toddler so that you have a life size outline.

With the outline complete, let your toddler choose from the craft materials you have available to create their hair, facial features, clothes, etc.

We then labelled our pictures in French with the body part vocabulary that we have been learning.

Here are our completed creations:

Happy singing and crafting! :0) 

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