Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Les roues du bus

Today’s new song is a French version of the wheels on the bus.  A song that I think all of our toddlers were already familiar with in English.  We sang in English first and came up with our actions for the different verses – by keeping the actions the same in both versions, the vocabulary becomes easier to absorb.  The repetitive and rythmical nature of the song along with the actions increases your little ones phonological awareness and they are quickly able to join in themselves with some of the words.  For the really young ones, just hearing the repeated sounds and the one-to-one interaction of doing the actions along with Mummy are helping to build that awareness of new sounds.
The version on the lingotunes cd is the one we sang to today and I would recommend this to anyone looking to download it themselves – the speed is just right for the children to be able to have a go at joining in with once they have got the hang of the lyrics.
The first verse goes like this:
Les roues du bus tournent et tournent,
tournent et tournent,
tournent et tournent,
les roues du bus tournent et tournent,
tous les jours.

Our craft activity today was decorating our own buses with people in the windows and lots of stickers, glitter, ribbons, bows, colouring in and pom poms.  What lovely colourful buses the children all made - apologies there aren't more pictures and that this post has taken so long to appear for some reason I don't quite understand all my pictures have been flipping upside down!!  Now that I have managed to get one to work, I am going to quit whilst I'm ahead!!  Fingers crossed for more success next time! :o)

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  1. I LOVE this idea.... i m definitley going to be giving this a try with Poppette this week.