Friday, 7 December 2012

Où est mon renne?

This week there has unfortunately been no toddler session as I am suffering with tonsillitis and have lost my voice :o( 

The week has mostly been spent snuggled up on the sofa with Little Imp looking at books and so I thought I would add another review to the book review page, which has been rather neglected since I pinched the idea from the lovely Tallulah all those months ago!

One of Little Imp's favourites this week has been the Usborne book Où est mon renne? (That's not my reindeer).  So if you hop over to the book review page you can read all about it!

Fingers crossed the voice will return and we will be back to singing and crafting again next Friday!

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  1. We LOVE this series of books! They're brilliant for learning adjectives and they're so tactile too. We have about 10 of them in both English & French. My kids both learnt to read with them.