Monday, 7 January 2013

Londres flambe, Londres flambe...

Welcome to 2013!  Little Imp and I wish you all "une bonne année"!

For our first toddler session of 2013, I decided on a French version of an English round "London's burning" and a lovely Fire Engine and Fire fighter craft to go with it.

The lyrics to the French version are as follows:

Londres flambe, Londres flambe.

Quelle affaire, quelle affaire

Au feu! Au feu!

Pas d’eau, rien à faire!

Clearly, it is not such an issue in France if London is burning as rather than pouring on water - they have none and can do nothing!!  Still, a nice simple song for toddlers to learn and join in with though and one which can be sung as a round, which is also nice for a change.

After our sing song, we went over to the craft tables to create our Fire Engine and fire fighter craft.  For this craft, you will need:
  • 1 A3 sheet of craft/construction paper for your background
  • 1 fire engine template which you can print from here:
  • red felt pens and collage materials for the fire engine
  • black paper/foam for the wheels
  • craft lolly sticks/straws for the ladder
  • shiny paper/stickers for the flashing light
  • red paper/card for the firefighter hand print
  • pink/flesh colour paper/card/felt for the faces
  • yellow paper/card/felt/foam etc. for the hats
Once you have everything ready, this is how you make it:

  • First, fill in your fire engine with red.  You can either colour it or paint it or, like we did use red materials to make a collage.
  • Next, cut out your fire engine and glue it onto your background sheet.
  • Now, using your craft lolly sticks or similar glue a ladder onto the fire engine and use your shiny material to add a flashing light on the top.
  • Cut out two wheels from your black paper or foam and glue them onto the picture.
  • You are now ready to make your Fire fighters.  Draw around your toddler's hand on red paper or card and cut out.
  • Glue this onto your background sheet.
  • Next, cut out 5 small faces and glue them on to the fingers and thumb on your picture.  Draw on eyes and a mouth with felt pen.
  • Finally, cut out 5 yellow hats for your fire fighters and glue on.
Here are our finished pictures:

Happy singing and crafting! :o)

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