Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brr, Il fait froid!

Given the very cold and snowy weather which most of the UK have been enjoying (or enduring) this week, it seemed obvious that I needed to find a song or rhyme about the snow or the cold.  I had a look on one of my favourite websites and came across this lovely little action rhyme which was perfect for our little toddlers to join in with.

The rhyme is called Il fait froid (It's cold) and the words are as follows:

Brr! Brr! Brr!
Il fait froid! Froid! Froid!
Pour nous réchauffer, nous allons sauter!
Sur 1 pied, (sur 1 pied)
Sur l'autre pied, (sur l'autre pied)
Puis sur les 2 pieds!
Tournez, tournez, arrêtez.
Nous sommes réchauffés!!!

An English translation would be:

Brr! Brr! Brr!
It's cold! Cold! Cold!
To warm ourselves up we are going to jump!
On one foot
On the other foot
Then on both feet
turn around, turn around, stop.
We have warmed up!!!

Of course, a cold rhyme needed a cold craft and what better than an animal which loves the cold weather - a penguin!  We designed our own mosaic penguins using black, white and yellow paper, card, felt, foam, doilies, tissue paper, etc., eye stickers, and ribbons.  I found a lovely template here: which when printed out on card was perfect for our toddlers to decorate with their mosaic pieces.

Here are our fantastic penguins:

Little Imp and I hope that you enjoy jumping around to this week's rhyme and making a penguin of your own! :o)

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