Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Preschool session 5

This session was the last before the half-term holiday and so provided a good opportunity to recap on what we have learnt in our first few sessions ready to start on new topics after the holidays.

We started off, as always, by singing our bonjour song and greeting one another in French.  We then sang "bonjour mes amis comment ça va?" and practiced asking and answering the question " ça va?" with one another and our puppet Jacques.

We then moved on to revising the numbers 1-6 - we did this through playing the game introduced last week - "Où se cache le bébé pingouin?"  - and reading the book "dix grenouilles" (10 frogs) by Quentin Blake.  This introduced numbers beyond 6 and the children were quickly counting up to 10 themselves.  We then completed an activity sheet where we had to correctly identify the numbers on the ladybirds and then count out and stick on the correct number of dot stickers on each one.  The children enjoyed this activity and created some pretty multi-coloured ladybirds to take home in their folders.  

We sang our two counting songs - voici mes doigts and cinq brioches aux raisins - which pretty much all the children are word perfect on now! :o)

We practiced asking and answering the question "comment t'appelles tu?" and sang the little rhyme "deux petits oiseaux" (2 little dickie birds) for reinforcement.

Finally, I introduced a new song - 5 petits pois (5 little peas) which the children enjoyed.  See last week's toddler session post for the lyrics and actions.

As this was our last session of the half-term, all the children were given a certificate (diplôme) which outlines in French and English what they have achieved this half-term.  Namely: to greet people, to give their name, to ask how someone is, to say how they are, to count to 6, to sing a variety of songs and to say goodbye.  Quite an achievement in 5 weeks I think! :o)  I am so proud of my little preschoolers' and the progress they have made in 5 short weeks and I can't wait to get back next half-term and start learning some new words, phrases and songs with them! :o)

Wishing you all a good half-term break and looking forward to another fun half-term of French ahead! :O)

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