Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Je sais compter week 1 - 5 currant buns / 5 brioches aux raisins

Our first topic of the new term is "Je sais compter" (I can count) and all of our songs for the next few weeks involve numbers and counting.

The songs we are singing are: cinq brioches aux raisins (5 currant buns), il étaient 5 dans le lit (5 in the bed), 5 éléphants se balançait (5 elephants went out to play), voici mes doigts, 5 petits pois (5 little peas) and 5 ouistitis (5 naughty monkeys).  Many of these have featured before on the blog so if you want the lyrics or some craft ideas please browse back through the posts :0)

Our first number related craft is linked to the 5 brioches aux raisins song.  We made 5 currant buns out of card/foam/felt etc and used sticker dots to put currants on.  We then attached them to a paper plate using Velcro so that they can be removed and replaced allowing the children to play with their craft whilst they sing the song :0)

Some fabulous interactive creations there I'm sure you'll agree!! 

Happy singing and crafting! :0)

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