Wednesday, 10 September 2014

La surprise de Handa

Our final summer holiday session was centered around the lovely story of "Handa's surprise" by Eileen Browne.  Little Imp loves this story in both the original English version and the French translation "La surprise de Handa".

If you are not familiar with the story it is about a little girl Handa who sets off with a basket full of fruit to take a surprise to her friend.  Along the walk the fruit from her basket is taken by various animals without Handa realising and her basket gets filled with falling tangerines.  When Handa reaches Akeyo's village, Akeyo is thrilled with the surprise and Handa is equally surprised at her baskets contents.

The story is a great way to learn some fruit and animal vocabulary.  Those that feature in the story are:

Le singe - monkey
L'autruche - ostrich
Le zèbre - zebra
La girafe - giraffe
L'antelope - antelope
L'éléphant - elephant
Le perroquet - parrot
Le chèvre - goat

La banane - banana
Le goyave - guava
L'orange - orange
L'ananas - pineapple
La mangue - mango
L'avocat - avocado
Le fruit de la passion - passion fruit

To accompany the story, we made our own masks of some of the animals in the story:

Happy singing and crafting :0)


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